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Air Albania launches the routes from Kukës International Airport to Zürich and Istanbul on 15th of July


Kukës, 15th of July, 2021 – The Albanian flag carrier Air Albania launched Zürich and Istanbul destinations from Kukës International Airport on Thursday, 15th of July, increasing the frequency of flights from the new second Albanian airport. On this occasion, a symbolic ceremony marked the arrival of 129 passengers from Zürich with and Airbus 319 in Kukës.


“We are thrilled that Kukës is rapidly being seen as a destination of the Northern region of Albania, Kosovo included. The new airport of Kukës is having 6 flights per week already scheduled and it seems the demand of the passengers to flight to and from Kukës is high, so is our expectation for this new project of Albanian air transport” said the Chief Executive Officer of Kukës International Airport Zayed, Nothern Wings, Mr. Altin Progonati.


"We are very enthusiastic and we are honoured that today, on the first day of" Air Albania flights in Kukës, we are almost fully booked. This means that Albanians trust us, not only because we have made air transport an easier and faster route, but also because we have brought economic prices and excellent service. We are proud that the second gateway in the sky of Albania serves all the Albanian territories of Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro", said the Chief Executive Officer of Air Albania, Mr. Sinan Dilek.



The flights planned from Kukës International Airport operated by Air Albania, on Thursday, July 15, 2021, are:


Destinations  Departures Arrivals
IST - KFZ                                 11:0011:40
KFZ - ZRH12:4015:55
ZRH - KFZ15:5518:10
KFZ - IST19:1021:50


Kukës is only the second international airport in the country of Albania. It bares the ICAO code LAKU and the IATA code KFZ. Albania inaugurated its second international airport in Kukës, in the northeastern part of the country, in 18th of April with the first passenger flight from Tirana operated by Air Albania.


Information on air tickets from Kukës International Airport to and from Zürich and Istanbul can be displayed on the official page of Air Albania: airalbania.com